3D Custom Grips Molded to Your Hand's Unique Contours - Unmatched Comfort and Control!

EAACorp/Girsan Firearms and Cosaint Arms are proud to introduce our Patent Pending Custom 3D grips for your Witness2311® series pistol

Designed to be compatible with third-party double-stack 1911 pistols, we plan to expand compatibility to other firearm platforms.

We took the word custom to a whole new level

No matter if a person has a hand disability, hand trauma or just a large or small grip, these modules will afford a custom experience. These state-of-the-art custom modules are so precise that the end user’s distinct hand features are visible in the grip!

How it works

1- Get your prints done

It all begins with a resin mold, which you can make flexible either by soaking it in warm water or giving it a few seconds in the microwave. Then, just grip it like you would your firearm, and there you have it: the perfect blueprint of your hands

2- Setting & shipping

To speed up the resin setting process, simply run some cold water over the grip before sending your hand-molded print to us in the provided kit box.

3- Scan & Print

We’ll handle the rest from here. After 3D scanning your mold, we’ll print it in your chosen color and texture, and we can even customize it with engraving if you want. Then, we’ll send you the final 3D Grip 4U.


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EAACorp & CoSaint Arms Project